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7 Tips on How to Scale Your Team in 2022

As your company grows, you will inevitably need to add new members to your team. But how do you do it without sacrificing quality or efficiency? This can be a daunting task, but with the right plan and execution strategy, it can be a smooth process. By following these 7 tips on how to scale your team, you can ensure your business is set up for success as you scale your team in the coming year.

1. Employee onboarding is key

Employee onboarding is one of the most important aspects of scaling your team. By taking the time to orient new employees and help them acclimate to their roles, you can set them up for success from day one.

Onboarding doesn’t just stop on the first day, though. Employee onboarding is a process that should continue throughout an employee’s first year with your company. By regularly checking in and providing support, you can help ensure that your employees are always feeling comfortable and confident in their roles.

scale your team

According to Society for Human Resource Management, onboarding is a comprehensive process involving management and other employees and can last up to twelve months. That’s because the onboarding process should include a complete training program that will give new hires the confidence to do their jobs effectively, along with integrating them into your company, their teams and the overall culture.

2. Be prepared for growth

Before you start looking for new employees, take some time to assess your current team’s strengths and weaknesses. This will help you identify the skills that you will need to look for in new hires. Have a clear understanding of your team’s needs and how those needs will change as the company grows.

You will also need to keep an eye on your team’s workload. As you add new members, be sure to redistribute work so that everyone is feeling challenged but not overwhelmed. Use project management software, like ClickUp. Their dashboard feature makes it super easy to keep track of each team member’s workload! By being prepared for growth, you can ensure that your team is always able to meet the demands of your business.

scale your team

3. Focus on communication

As your team grows, communication becomes even more important. Be sure to establish clear channels of communication and set expectations for how and when employees should communicate with one another.

Pro Tip! Have each manager share their personality playbook with new employees so they have full transparency and can grasp their communication style. Use our free template to get you started!

It’s also important to create an environment where employees feel comfortable asking questions and sharing ideas. Encourage open communication and provide feedback so that your team can continue to improve. By focusing on communication, you can help ensure that your team is always on the same page and able to work together efficiently.

4. Create a system for tracking employee progress

It can be difficult to keep track of employee progress when your team is growing. By creating a system, you can ensure that everyone is meeting their goals and contributing to the company’s success.

Consider using tools like performance reviews and goal-setting software to help you keep track of employee progress. By taking the time to track employee performance, you can identify areas where your team needs improvement and make changes accordingly. This will also help you identify top performers so that you can give them the recognition they deserve.

5. Document everything

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: as your team grows, it’s important to document everything. This includes documenting processes, procedures, and policies. By having clear documentation, you can ensure that everyone is on the same page and knows what is expected of them.

Documentation also comes in handy when training new employees. By having all of the information in one place, you can make sure that new hires are getting the information they need and aren’t missing anything important. Arvo makes it so easy to have clear, searchable, and skimmable documentation that anyone on your team can use!

6. Train your employees well

Employee training is another important aspect of scaling your team. By taking the time to train your employees well, you can set them up for success in their roles. Be sure to cover all of the basics, such as your company’s history, mission, and values as well as your policies and procedures. You should also provide training on your company’s products or services and how to use them.

By taking the time to train your employees properly, you can help ensure that they are able to do their jobs effectively and contribute to your company’s success.

Using Arvo to create your company training materials makes it way more digestible than having all of your processes in boring word documents or pdfs! Simply share the skimmable playbook with anyone on your team, and they can refer to it again and again. Build your first playbook for free today!

7. Give them room to grow

As your team grows, you will need to give your employees room to grow as well. This means providing opportunities for them to develop their skills and knowledge.

One way to do this is by offering training and development programs. You can also encourage employees to take on new challenges and responsibilities. By giving your employees room to grow, you can help them develop into top performers who are able to take on more responsibility within your company.

By following these tips, you can set your team up for success as you scale your business in 2022. Employee onboarding, communication, and training will be key to ensuring that your team is able to meet the demands of your growing business. With a little planning and preparation, you can ensure that your team is ready to take on whatever challenges come your way!

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