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New Feature: Arvo Template Center

If you’ve just been checking things out and haven’t signed up for an Arvo account yet, now is a perfect time! We’ve created a set of templates for our most popular Arvo playbooks that you can edit or duplicate to make your own. These templates will be automatically added to all new Arvo accounts. 👍

Note: If you’ve been with us for a while, shoot us an email at and we’ll add them to your account!

This update allows you to:

  • Use our pre-made templates to help create and inspire documentation for your company.
  • Save your own playbooks as templates, store them in the template center, and use them over and over again!

This is perfect if you’re new to Arvo and need some inspiration to create your playbooks. 🤩

Templates Included:

Each template is in a fill-in-the-blank format so it’s super easy for you to apply your own company information!

  • HR Templates: New Hire/First Day Companion, Employee Personality, Management Personality, and a Basic Company Info playbook template
  • Sales & Marketing Templates: Company Social Profiles, Brand Kit, Proven ICP, and a “Meet the Sales Person” playbook template
  • Processes & SOP Templates: SOP, Product Knowledge, Client Status Update, and a Sales Process playbook template

Training Included:

  • Arvo Team TrainingHow to use the Arvo Request System, Arvo Templates, Submit Feedback, and User Management training

Use Our Templates.

You never have to work from square one again! Now, you have templates at your fingertips that you can always copy and adapt from our template center. Locate your templates from the home page, or at the bottom of your left sidebar! Here’s how:

Create Your Own Templates.

Great news! You’re not limited to the templates we provide to you — you can also create templates of your own based on the needs of your company. You can build your own templates from scratch, or convert playbooks you’ve already created into templates. 👏 Here’s how it works:

Create your templates from scratch.

Or… save existing playbooks as templates!

Use your templates over and over again!
Choose the template you want to use:

Give your playbook a name and choose the library you want it to be in:

Viola! Now, you’ve created templates that you and your team can use over and over again to build your documentation in Arvo. 🙌
Creating company documentation can feel overwhelming, and sometimes it’s hard to know where to even start. We created these templates to use for our clients and our team internally, and we can assure you these templates are proven for easy learning! Use our templates to inspire you to turn your company documentation into something magical — no code, design, or technical skills necessary! 🎉


Q: Are there instructions on how to use the templates once they are in your account?

A: There’s a link to a playbook at the top of each template walking you through how to use our templates!

Questions or comments about this new feature release? We’re all ears! Send us a message at or use the chat feature on our website!

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